By signing our quotations or estimates the customer acknowledges having read and accepted the terms and conditions for furniture rental below:


Our rental prices are indicated exclusive of VAT and insurance for the period of an exhibition/congress or for a period not exceeding 8 calendar days. Any superior period will be subject to an estimate.

Transport and labour are included in our catalogue or E-commerce price lists only for exhibitions and demonstrations where ALIANCE MOBILIER is the official provider.

The labour costs are included in the case of easy access for trucks, of bottom floor delivery, or by goods lift with access pallets and pallet trucks. The deliveries without access pallet trucks, by staircase, on a not stabilized ground, without access truck, or on o non-working hours and days “Between 10 pm and 6 am, on Sundays and holidays” will be subject to specific charges. The deliveries made after the official opening of the demonstration, will be charged. In all other cases “isolated demonstration, limited events, delivery France and abroad, independent orders,” delivery and handling costs will be individually charged.

For an event pricing, the prices are indicated ex our warehouse and for a maximum immobilization of 48 hours between the departure and the return of the equipment.

All provided services - “transport, unloading, implementation, permanency, return,”- will be subject to a complementary invoicing. The invoicing of “long-term” orders, 8 days and over, is made month per month, as from the day of the delivery. Once started, any month must be fully paid.

Any order placed and modified less than 5 working days before the delivery will be increased by 10 %. The orders received less than 24 hours before the delivery or onsite will be increased by 20 %. E-COMMERCE order: The CUSTOMER acknowledges having accepted the characteristics and limits of the Internet network. Since Internet data circulate on heterogeneous networks with different technical capacities, the reliability of the transmissions cannot be guaranteed.

By virtue of the article 34 of the aforementioned law, the users have a right of access, modification, rectification and suppression of personal data. To exercise this right, you can send directly a letter to ALIANCE MOBILIER at our head office specifying “Personal data management department”.

ALIANCE MOBILIER web site benefits from a secure system for confidential information. Unless proven otherwise, the data entered by the exhibitor/customer establish the proof of all the transactions made between ALIANCE MOBILIER and the Exhibitor/customer. The data recorded by the system of payment are the proof of the financial transactions.

To be validated, any order will have to be made in writing, along with its payment :
By cheque payable to ALLIANCE MOBILIER
By transfer (RIB mentioned on the purchase order)
By on-line payment on our website:

Order cancellation: To be taken into account, the cancellation must be sent to ALIANCE MOBILIER by registered letter at the latest 10 working days before the delivery date, otherwise the order will be subject to invoicing. In this context, a lump-sum of 50 % of the order shall be retained for the reservation and the operating loss of the reserved equipment. Less than 72 hours before the delivery, the entire order will be payable!

Exceptionally, the removal of the equipment by the customer “if agreed by ALIANCE MOBILIER“ shall be made to the head office against signature of a delivery slip, without any price reduction. A deposit by cheque will be required and returned on the way back after control of the equipment. The delivery hours are given for information purposes only, but the mention of the day(s) of delivery may be considered as contractual.


Specify properly when placing the order the name of the demonstration, the building, the way, the name of the company/exhibitor and the stand number to make the delivery easier.

ALIANCE MOBILIER undertakes to deliver the ordered equipment, the day before the opening of the demonstration, except specific agreement with our sales department specified on the order confirmation.

In the case of delivery on a stand of Trade show or Show, the equipment is considered as delivered as soon as ALIANCE MOBILIER has deposited it on the stand indicated by the customer, even in the absence of this one or of his representative.

Defaulting the renter to have informed us by telephone and within 24 hours of the availability of the rented equipment, presented in writing justified claims on the state of the rented equipment and on the quantities, it will be considered as having taken the equipment in good general conditions with the obligation to return it in the same conditions at the end of the rental period. After this period no complaint will be accepted.

Depending on the stock availability, bound to periods of high demand, ALIANCE MOBILIER expressly reserves the right to supply an equipment of replacement, of an equal or superior quality and use.

If this equipment of replacement is accepted by the customer at the time of its availability, it will be considered as accepting it and subscribing to the respective obligations. The transport costs are included for any delivery within 30 km around ALIANCE MOBILIER warehouse. Beyond 30 km a transport supplement shall be priced.

For a delivery required after the opening of the show or the demonstration, on Sundays, holidays or outside working hours, expenses of logistics will be charged in addition.


As soon as the equipment is delivered on the stand, even in the absence of the customer, the equipment is under his/her responsibility. The customer is responsible for it from the delivery to our taking it back. The equipment must be used according to its usual destination. The renter has to watch to avoid any deterioration.

The renter must to take the necessary measure so that the rented equipment is emptied of any objects or documents from as soon as the end of the exhibition or the show. On no account ALIANCE MOBILIER could be held responsible in case of deterioration or disappearance of objects or documents which would not have been removed from inside the rented equipment. No modification or transformation can be brought to our equipment. No nailing, screwing, adhesive setting, painting can be made on our furniture.


- For a first order: full payment before the delivery whatever is the amount of the order. - For any order less than € 2.000 exclusive of VAT: Payment of the total amount with the order.
- For any order over € 2.000 exclusive of VAT: Payment of a 50 % advance with the order, the balance to be adjusted upon receipt of invoice.
Price Rate : Except previous agreement for special reasons, the prices for rental are those in force on the day of
availability of the equipment.

Administrative fees (€ 15 exclusive of VAT) will be counted on any invoice redone at the request of the customer. If we have to issue several invoices for the same order, we shall charge management fees up to € 10 exclusive of VAT per additional invoice.


The contribution to guarantee costs as for “risks and Losses“ is compulsory except for screens, coffee machines, water fountains or in the case of removal and return by the customer, involving the full responsibility of the renter. The guarantee costs cover the theft but not the deterioration. The guarantee for Theft is subordinated to the receipt of a theft complaint with the competent authorities within 24 hours.

In case of loss, deterioration or failure to respect the terms and conditions for rental, the renter undertakes to pay ALIANCE MOBILIER the amount of the invoice of restoration or replacement of the lost or damaged equipment. In case of refusal to subscribe, the renter engages automatically his/her responsibility for any degradation, disappearance or theft of the equipment and undertakes to pay ALIANCE MOBILIER the amount of the invoice for restoration or replacement of the equipment in their purchase value.


Some items are subject to a deposit. This deposit of “4 times the value of the rental“ will be returned to the customer after taking the item back, controlling it and full payment of the order. We will cash this deposit in case of problems connected to the deterioration or the absence of restoration of the equipment. In the event of refusal to make the deposit, the order will be purely and simply cancelled.


The rented equipment is full and whole property of ALIANCE MOBILIER and is unseizable.
In case of sale, the furniture remains the property of ALIANCE MOBILIER up to the complete payment of the sale price, the possible late-payment interests and all the extra costs; the buyer has only the quality of depositary of the delivered or removed furniture, and becomes responsible of it as soon as he/she receives it.

This agreement is opposable not only to the buyer, but also to his/her creditors and to third parties. The CUSTOMER acknowledges that ALIANCE MOBILIER is totally authorized to quote his/her name as commercial reference, except express request of the CUSTOMER made by written letter.


Any event defined as such by the French law and which results in turning impossible or senselessly expensive the execution of the service constitutes a case of force majeure. Are expressly considered as force majeure in addition to those usually taken into consideration by the French courts jurisprudence, the following events: Total or partial strikes, inside or outside the company, lockout, bad weather, epidemics, blockings of the means of transportation or supply for whatever reason, earthquakes, fires, storms, floods, water damage, governmental or legal limitations, legal or statutory modifications of the commercialization forms, breakdowns of computer, blockings of telecommunications, and all other events beyond the control of the parties preventing the normal execution of the contract. ALIANCE MOBILIER is exempted of any responsibility in harmful consequences resulting from a force majeure that would not allow the delivery of the order. If as a result of a force majeure ALIANCE MOBILIER is unable to execute its services and to comply with its obligations, the order will be cancelled. The non-execution of the services for a force majeure will not entitle the customer to any compensation by ALIANCE MOBILIER.


For any discrepancy or dispute, the Court of TOULOUSE will be the only competent court. It is expressly agreed that the present terms and conditions for furniture rental apply exclusively in all the business relationship which bind ALIANCE MOBILIER with the present signatory.

These conditions substitute any other document, as wellas the purchase or rental

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